Cabal 023 w/ Hammer & Sputnik One

Hammer, a headstrong instrument used for breaking things and driving in nails, much like his sound and his approach to music.

Belfast born and bred, with further education in Glasgow’s rich house and techno scene, RoryHamilton aka Hammer has established himself as one of the UK’s most exciting DJ and producers, illuminating dancefloors around Europe and beyond with his own take on electronic music. Now based in London, Hammer continues to develop a sound that challenges the dance floor with a focus on energy and strong grooves, deep, rich and ever-evolving.

As one of the co-pilots of the Feel My Bicep blog, Hammers relationship with @bicep runs long from childhood. Rory along with his friends Matt & Andy (Bicep) immersed themselvesin the Belfast electronic scene from a young age. From their school days listening to everything from techno to disco-to their collaboration on Dahlia EP to his first solo releaseon the FMB imprint with the mighty C-Space EP-his association with Bicep runs deep.

Taking over the terrace is Dublin's Sputnik One who's music centres around weighty, percussive sounds. The Dublin based artist's songs are driving, tactile and textured, often a patchwork of samples contorted into irregular sequences, punctuated by precise machine rhythms.

As a DJ Sputnik One’s sets cover a lot of ground, weaving a thread through broken-beat, techno, jungle and beyond. This has been demonstrated in club sets across Europe and theUK, performances on various Irish festival stages and in feature mixes for NTS and Rinse.Sputnik One has embedded himself into Dublin's emerging bass-focused landscape, as aresident and co-runner of the club night and label Woozy.