Cabal in the Courtyard w/ Gerd Janson & Sally C

Gerd Janson is one of the most highly respected DJs in the world of house and techno. Quite often,“highly respected” goes hand-in-hand with “underrated” but over the past few years, audiencesaround the world have also found out what insider types alreadyknew: Janson is a DJ thatreconfigures the classics you already knew in an unexpected way, and introduces you to newclassics, a few months (or years) before you’ll hear them played everywhere elseBio here.

A genre-free philosophy has been a theme throughout Janson’s career. House and techno being theunderlying theme, but listening to his DJ sets, you’ll often hear a variety of things filtering through:UK funky, synth pop, industrial. It’s a cliché, to be sure, but he’s the type of DJ that digs so that youdon’t have to.

If recent times have taught us anything, it’s that Sally C ain’t messing about. The Belfast-born, Berlin-based DJ has stamped herself as one of the most exciting new artists on the scene, thanks wholly toher inspired selector skills.

With adeep passion for vintage house that crosses the gamut of hip house and acid, right up tofuture-facing techno and electro rollers, she has developed a knack for selecting timeless, slept onclassics that deserve the shine her sets bring.