Golden Dawn

Brawni’s debut EP ‘Golden Dawn’ features 4 keenly focused club ready tracks that weave between electro, techno, and melodic 4x4 journeys.Stemming from a year of pandemic induced studio time, Dillon wasted no time and got to work producing over 10 tracks which have been featured in his live video series and live sets.

‘Amber ’the lead track on the record features a bouncy bassline and catchy melody with spaced out vocals that together create a melancholic dancefloor hitter. ‘Dumbledore’ based on the name alone lets you know you’re in for a warpy one, featuring a spooky melody, relentless drum programming and a breakdown to end all breakdowns. ‘I Do My Own Stunts’a short, to the point track with heavy distortion and twisting drum patterns is a perfect fit forany hard hitting DJ Set.The final track ‘Tubular Bells’ is a classic electro banger with rolling basslines, arpeggiated synths and nostalgic melodies. All together they form ‘Golden Dawn’ aptly named as Cabal’s and Brawni’s debut vinyl release.

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