Cabal is an young independent brand that focuses on promoting Irish music, clothing and art. Formed in Limerick in February of 2017, the brand have always sought to push the boundaries of their environment and provide a high standard of quality across any avenue explored.

Cabal believe strongly in collaboration and have built up a tight network of like minded individuals who share the same passion and vision for the brand. The Cabal family is comprised of DJ’s, Producers, Designers, Visual Artists, Photographers and Videographers, all of whom work together to create and maintain the brands unique look and identity.

Over two years on from their first event in The Stormy Teacup cafe, an intimate 50 capacity venue in Limerick city, the Cabal brand has spread across the country to a wider audience than the founders could have ever imagined. Fast forward to present day, after hosting 2,000 people at Cabal in the Courtyard on the grounds of The University of Limerick, the brand now runs monthly events in both Limerick and Galway, as well dropping collaborative clothing collections with some of Irelands hottest new designers.

A large part of Cabal’s identity is embracing its inherently Irish roots, and promoting the Irish creative scene whether it be music, fashion or art. For the brand, this means keeping a close eye on every corner of the country, seeking out selectors, designers, and artists and providing a platform for their voices to be heard.

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